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Aardvark and Associates - Web Design and Development

Whatever you need in design and deveelopment, we can provide and exceed expectations.

We believe that all businesses from small independent companies to large retail businesses need a Web Site to enhance their financial success.

Our affordable web design is an investment one cannot do without. Your potential client are looking for your services/or products on the Internet, not just for today but years to come. You will now be open 24/7.

Should you need a redesign, hosting, data base, custom application or SEO just give us a call.

A professionally designed Web Site is the most cost effective way to market products and services to the world.

Aardvark Web Hosting & Designs will provides web development for your company and web presence to enhance your business.

Small company or large, Aardvark Web Designs and Web Hosting offers quality web hosting and design with continued support. We know how important your online presence is and we are here to make sure you have immediate action.

Contact us today and allow us to provide services that fit your budget and walk away with a professionally designed web site that is affordable. Call us at 1-888-707-4626.


A professional web design can ranges from $300 to $30000 depending on your business need. Most people looking at this will fall inbetween but still think $300 is what they can get away with. Unfortunately that's just not the case. In the same way you trust your mechanic to work on your car, you need to trust your designer to work on your website. If you were a professional developer, you wouldn't be here. And like anything, for a larger site with added bells and whistles, it costs more money because it takes more time. Large companies need the additional daily attention to their websites and they understand this is what makes them money. We do run "Specials" throughout the year.

Purchasing a Domain and Web Hosting
The cost of domain registration through a legitimate domain registering company is $20 per year. With web hosting through Aardvark Web Hosting it is included in the web hosting.

Annual Web Hosting
The cost of annual web hosting through Aardvark Web Hosting is $199 per year.

We are open to options in your design. Please contact The Aardvark Team to discuss your needs.

Existing Websites That Need A Redesign
Enhancement in your site every 3-6 months is a must for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Look at your site. Is it easy to navigate? Is your information up to date? Has it even been optimized? Let us take a look at your site and we will thoroughly analyze your website and give it the attention and modifications it needs to get you the most bang for your buck.

Let us know your needs and we will be happy to give you a quote.


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